Can We Still Be Friends? London As A Global Seat Of Arbitration Post-Brexit

broken Wedding Rings symbolize the BrexitMichael McIlwrath, Global Chief Litigation Counsel for GE Oil & Gas opened his recent article An Unamicable Separation: Brexit Consequences for London as a Premier Seat of International Dispute Resolution in Europe with the following quote, attributed to the most prolific of all authors, ‘unknown’:

“I try not to think of divorce as failing at marriage but rather winning at bitterness and resentment.” Continue reading

London After Brexit: Business As Usual?

londonReading the headlines, Brexit-ing Britain may appear a hostile place – the public, we are told, favours being told the number of foreigners being employed by companies in Britain, and academics at the London School of Economics find that they are debarred from giving their non-British opinion on Brexit, lest, one assumes, they steal  bread from the mouths of native political scientists.

It would be careless, therefore, for lawyers not to ask what impact Brexit would have on the UK as a seat of arbitration. As it stands, the UK- or more specifically, London – is clearly an attractive seat for arbitration proceedings, being the home of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the London Court of International Arbitration, and the London Maritime Arbitrators Association. Continue reading

Global Pound Conference – What is it?


This series of conferences spanning the globe, explores and raises awareness about a whole palette of tools for the resolution of disputes among nations and businesses. These conflict resolution tools are particularly suited for resolving cross-border conflicts, most commonly between commercial entities, states and private parties.

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The story behind the GPC series


The Global Pound Conference Series (GPC Series) is a series of conferences in different locations around the globe, which will help to shape the future direction of alternative dispute resolution tools.

Inviting input and participation from business leaders, policy makers, legal experts and academics, the conference series brings these questions and challenges to major cities around the world thus making it a truly international series of events and sparking a global conversation about the way cross-border business transactions are made. Continue reading