Introductory Guide

Are hostile mediators more effective?

New research by Francesca Gino and Ting Zhang of Columbia Business School, along with Mike Norton of Harvard Business School, suggests that the most effective mediation style might be being partial against both parties. The academics suggest that, contrary to the received wisdom that mediators… Read More ›

When arbitration is used and why

In almost all instances, arbitration must be contemplated at the contract drafting stage. Parties may, of course, agree to take a dispute to arbitration at any stage, but once a dispute has broken out, positions become polarised, and agreement is accordingly less likely. The reasons… Read More ›

An Introduction To Construction Disputes

Many factors contribute to construction disputes, especially if the property is based abroad. Most projects take a long time to complete, leading to uncertainties and delays that can result in disagreements. The following factors typically create international construction disputes.

Choosing the right tools

A short guide to the different forms of dispute resolution. International dispute resolution (and dispute prevention) tools provide an alternative or a supplement to litigation within national legal systems which are sometimes perceived as biased in favour of the “local”… Read More ›

The story behind the GPC series

The Global Pound Conference Series (GPC Series) is a series of conferences in different locations around the globe, which will help to shape the future direction of alternative dispute resolution tools. Inviting input and participation from business leaders, policy makers, legal… Read More ›