MediatorTV: This Week In Mediation


The Mediator Academy has created an excellent new resource – a weekly video discussion on mediation presented by Professor Nadja Alexander and Aled Davies. 

This week’s episode looks at the proposed use of mediation to bridge the secular and religious divide in Malaysia and other opportunities for using mediation to address domestic political tensions.

The presenters also discuss the future of research in international mediation and seven research gaps identified during the International Conference on Mediation in Basel, Switzerland. One area of particular interest is the shift of focus away from mediators onto conflict parties; a theme that seems to be emerging in other mediation spheres featuring on previous episodes of This Week in Mediation .

Special guest, professor Noam Exner speaks about Cyberweek and developments in online dispute resolution (ODR),  and there is also an update on the United Nation’s procedural rules for ODR and the European Comission’s ODR Regulation and the ODR platform that was launched earlier in the year.

Continuing on the theme of innovation in mediation, the show ends looking at ‘mood sweaters’ and the practical application of bio-feedback fabric technology to measure emotions in mediation and finishes with with the big question of the week.

Last week’s episode featured a lively interview with the GPC Series Chair Michael McIlwrath, Global Chief Litigation Counsel at GE Oil & Gas.


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